Code Readiness

We have watched banks spend years trying to successfully launch products only to have the launches run days—sometimes months—behind schedule and almost invariably over budget. Is there a solution?

Code Readiness is a flagship solution from our Readiness suite that provides you with a Go-Live Score for every code drop.

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Your Go-Live Score 6 Payments Fraud Control Reporting Admin & File Services 8 7 3 8

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  • Quality
  • Stability
  • Integration
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The most common challenges faced by banks in going live are:

How Go-Live Faster helps you solve these challenges

The time to engage Go-Live Faster in your programs is now!

Banks spend an average of $7,000 a day (exclusive of product costs) on their product launch programs. Just a 30-day reduction in the product launch cycle can result in approximately $200,000 of savings.

A Go-Live Faster Go-Live Score™-driven product launch program is typically 50% shorter! You do the math…

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