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  • Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do?

    PAYMENTS 2018 unites thousands of payments system stakeholders from business end-user and financial and technology services organizations to debate and explore pressing issues and opportunities. At this year’s event is the executive series presentation on ‘Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do’ by Go-Live Faster’ CEO, Krishna Iyer. Here are the session details:

    Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do?

    As businesses and consumers begin to demand smarter and faster payments, solutions are being developed to meet their needs. However financial institutions often come across the challenge of slower implementations that are highly detrimental in terms of time and cost. Once a financial institution has fully executed a solution, the rules of the game may have changed impacting investments and revenue growth. In a world where everything is changing so rapidly, financial institutions need to move quickly from conception to commercialization to stay ahead of the game. Faster implementations are imperative to gain competitive advantage in the current environment of fast-evolving technology and customer needs. In this session, you will hear from industry experts on what it takes to roll out faster payments, and what executives must do for faster turnaround of projects.

    Join us to Discover:

    • How to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut implementation time
    • Key lessons from a case study of an accelerated complex implementation
    • How to ensure your financial institution meets its predicted go-live date
    • Date & Time:  Tuesday, May 1st | 10:15 am - 11:05 AM
    • Venue: PAYMENTS 2018 | San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.
    • Request a Meeting: Write to us at [email protected] to schedule a meeting


    Shawn Griffin

    Shawn Griffin, SVP Treasury Services, MB Financial Bank

    Shawn has over 35 years of experience in the Treasury Management discipline with CCM and AAP certifications.  He has managed Operations, Client Services, Implementations, Sales, and Product Management.  He currently is responsible for the Commercial digital product strategy for the bank

    Krishna Iyer

    Krishna Iyer, CEO, Go-Live Faster

    Krishna is a CEO of Go-Live Faster, a predictive analytics firm that helps banks cut down implementation time and deliver the right user experience.  Krishna loves to innovate, evangelize and bring people together around ideas that help the industry. He co-founded Go-LIve Faster to solve an industry problem of delayed implementations. He speaks at global conferences on topics ranging machine learning to mindfulness and domains from banking to gaming

    Gene Neyer

    Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions

    Gene Neyer advises financial and technology companies on various aspects of Payment Modernization. He is a current member of the GFFT (successor to the Fed Faster Payments Taskforce) and the president of Supplier Committee at BAFT.  Previously, Gene was a Head of Industry and Regulation for Finastra, and an SVP, Head of Product Management for D+H and Fundtech. Gene also sits on the Editorial Board of InstaPay

    April 18, 2018

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