May 8, 2019

Go-Live Faster is pleased to be presenting at one of the largest treasury and cash management conferences in the United States. The Windy City Summit delivers ideas, strategies and technology insights on a variety of financial topics. At this year’s summit we would be presenting on How to stay out of the news for botched implementations? Don't miss this intriguing session, here's more on why you should be attending.

How to stay out of the news for botched implementations?

Session Overview

It comes as no surprise that nowadays several banks are in the news for botched implementations and outages. So why are Banks so prone to outages? With rising consumer expectations, continued digital disruption and intense competition from Fintechs and other institutes, banks are under tremendous pressure like never before. The challenge to deliver and keep up with ever changing business and technology landscapes pushes banks to eventualities they are not ready for.
In this session we uncover some of the top factors that lead to botched implementations and discuss how banks can ensure a successful digital banking implementation or upgrade without being hit by glitches or outages.

Join us to Discover (Session Objectives)

  • Top 7 Implementation Readiness Factors

Date & Time : Tuesday, May 21st | 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM


Room : 327

Request a Meeting: Write to us at [email protected] to schedule a meeting with our digital banking implementation experts.


hari raghunathan

Hari Raghunathan

Hari Raghunathan is VP and Head of Operations - North America at Go-Live Faster. Hari has experienced the challenges banks face in launching/releasing products and plays a vital role in facilitating the dialogue between Go-Live Faster’s customers and its solution delivery teams. Hari loves to network, evangelize and bring people together around ideas that help the banking industry.

Russ Zitny

Russ Zitny

Russ is VP Client Services, for Go-Live Faster a global Fintech solutions firms that helps banks accelerate product releases. In addition to working with Treasury Banking Applications, Russ also was a founder of a SOX banking application, Reality Check at LTW, Inc. Russ enjoys the process of collaborating and working with banks to solve their business needs.


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