Bank Internal Readiness

The first in our Readiness suite and usually the place where customers experience Go-Live Faster for the first time, our "Bank Internal Readiness" solution provides you with a "Bank Readiness" score that helps identify failure points* right at the beginning of your project.

  • Top risks
    • PMO
      • Availability of integrating teams
      • Business team involvement
      • Migration of user (RSA) tokens
    • IT
      • Testing
        • Test data generation issues
        • Test data setup
        • Blocking defects
      • Infrastructure
        • Lack of production like environment
        • Web services validation not performed on interfaces
        • Availability of production data
      • Data Migration
        • Garbage data from legacy system
        • Impact of customizations
        • Gaps in data mapping requirements
      • Development
        • Challenges in triaging
        • Fixing environment issues
        • Poor unit testing coverage
    • Product
      • User Conversion
        • Changes in the Class of Services
        • Gaps in data mapping requirements
        • Ineffective customer training
      • Integration
        • Availability of teams for system integration
        • Gaps in integration mapping
        • Ambiguous interface requirements
      • Functionality
        • Test data setup challenges
        • Gaps in requirement documentation
        • Integration risk due to SSO

*A failure point is a potential implementation risk that could derail the entire program.

Benefit toLOB Teams
Benefit toDev Teams
Benefit toTest Teams
Benefit toPMO

A recent survey by a leading consulting firm found that in a 12-month period, 49% of organizations had suffered a recent project failure.


A survey by a global technology company says only 40% of projects met schedule, budget and quality goals.


Another one by a leading analyst firm says 17% of large technology projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company.


recent success stories

We helped a U.S.-based, mid-market bank uncover catastrophic failure points in its Positive Pay interface.

We discovered overlapping activities in a single environment that would have led to budget- and schedule-impacting delays in an online treasury management implementation for a large, U.S.-based diverse financial institution.

Our expert “Go-Live” team helped a small, U.S.- based bank uncover revenue-impacting failures in its wire payment systems, thus circumventing them.

Would you like to read other Go-Live Faster customers’ “Bank Internal Readiness” success stories? Please request a case study!

What You Get

Don’t take the risk of your project becoming a statistic in a report. Get in touch with us today to uncover catastrophic failure points—failure points that will take your team six months to uncover, we’ll identify in your project’s first month.

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