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“Data Readiness” is Go-Live Faster's pinpoint solution to assess enterprise risk of customer conversion/data migration that provides a “Go-Migrate” score across static and dynamic data.

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In a recent conversation with a leading bank in the US, the head of Commercial Products told us that his product launch went to plan from a usability and functionality perspective, but some customers called in to complain that they were not seeing their data, but what looked like some other customer’s data!

Doesn’t that sound like your worst nightmare? Unfortunately, this is not just the stuff of dreams. We have seen this situation play out more often than banks would like. Data and User Migration is infinitely more complex than functionality or usability.

Our “Data Readiness” solution combines Go-Live Faster's proprietary migration readiness framework with our deep understanding of the banking domain to deliver periodic assessments through migration waves that a bank goes through. Applicable to every situation in which data is being moved from one or multiple products to another and/or one database to another, Go-Live Faster's three-pronged approach is an unparalleled way to know your customer conversion risks up front:

  • Data

    Compare and validate data profile(s) of source and target data including comparing counts and patterns in source and target products

  • Manual

    Manually validate sample records of converted customers

  • Use of Go-Live Faster's
    Readiness Platform

    Large scale automated validation of a sub-set of converted customer data using Go-Live Faster's proprietary Readiness platform

Migration is almost never straightforward, and there are very few situations in which you can really validate everything. In that sense, validation of migrated data is always an assessment and balancing enterprise risk versus issues. An in-depth understanding of your business combined with deep technical skills is essential to successfully assessing enterprise risk and recommending course corrections.

What You Get?

Enterprise risks arising out of data inaccuracies can cause you irreversible loss of reputation and put you at regulatory risk! Get in touch with us to learn more about how our “Data Readiness” solution helps you alleviate migration risks in any situation.

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