Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services: Banks, FIs and Credit Unions

At Go-Live Faster, we believe in knowledge and more importantly in domain knowledge. Our association with the Banks, credit unions and financial institutions over the last 14 years has driven us to think like a Bank, especially from business perspective. Our experience has been that domain knowledge is the key to success.

We believe domain knowledge is different from information. By choosing the way you approach knowledge, over 50% of business risks can be overcome. Go-Live Faster is a dedicated team of deeply experienced Banking tech professionals, who have partnered with Banks on their journey to better customer experience.

Our staff augmentation support services cover the following areas, but are just not limited to:

1.) Business Analyst

2.) Program Management

3.) Payments SME

4.) Cash Management SME

5.) Cards SME

6.) Manual and Automation QA Analyst

7.) Data Migration Validation Engineer

8.) Banking PMO Roles

If You are looking for an agile staffing/domain partner, thinking of making a small change to succeed big, you have arrived at the right place and at the right time!
Please connect with us: [email protected]

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