Thought Leadership

  • Success Factors to Accelerate Transaction Banking Implementations

    Go-Live Faster's Roundtable Presentation at the ACI User Group Exchange Conference 2016

    The complexities of transaction banking implementations and the several unknowns involved in them invariably mean that such implementations pose significant enterprise risk.

    Be it a small release, a major upgrade or the launch of a full-fledged new system, certain “best practices” implemented earlier in the game can circumvent delays and cost overruns. These practices range across the product lifecycle right from re...

    August 25, 2016
  • Seamless BAU: Attaining Post Implementation Nirvana

    The Problem Monday morning and your ACH payments are down? Maintaining and updating your transaction banking solution can be an operational nightmare. A recent survey from Treasury Strategies revealed that in spite of making significant investments in treasury technologies, most organizations realize only 60% of the value/benefit/savings that was expected from implementing a new system. Transaction banking system implementations can sometimes seem like the perfect example of Murphy’s third law! It does not come as a surprise that most banking clients we talk to vouch for ...

    July 7, 2016

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