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The economic environment and post-2008 regulatory environment has brought with it many challenges to banks.

At Go-Live Faster, we help you get to market faster by accelerating your product launch through predictive analytics. Additionally, our team of Ninjas understands the subtle nuances of your Treasury Management Product portfolio and work closely with your product management teams to prioritize and define “Go-Live” criteria that protects you from negative impact to





In a recent report, a leading consulting firm has concluded that a majority of its findings show that the treasury function will operate in the backdrop of increasing regulation and market volatility for the foreseeable future.

While treasury itself has grown year over year, banks are not necessarily seeing a growth in fees. Most of the growth is driven by acquiring customers from competition. We also see that corporate treasurers and their teams are increasingly interacting with their banks more through their technology platforms than through relationship officers at banks. A feature rich user-friendly stable treasury/cash management platform has emerged as the way to rapidly increase your treasury fees!

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In one of our recent conversations with the Head of Treasury Management at a mid-market global financial institution, we were told that a lot of the inability to identify “Go-Live” impacting issues up front is due to poor understanding of how a specific software application works within the Treasury/Cash domain and how users interact with these applications.

We have built our “Readiness” suite around this very challenge faced by your teams. Whether it is looking for issues with limits or changes in regulation or using the system end-to-end the way your users will, we have perfected the validations that should be run. We have also built our analytics around high failure points across these areas and bring with us deep expertise across online treasury systems, cash management applications, lock box, trade finance, etc.

You can find folks who know your domain, and in-fact you know your business better than anybody else! However, with the vast number of software products out there, you will find it hard to locate people who have combined the knowledge of a domain and how users interact with the system–all institutionalized into a technology solution that provides instant results. Our “Readiness” suite of solutions for the Treasury Management work stream cuts implementation time and costs dramatically, thus helping you get features out faster and driving faster fee income growth.

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