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  • Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do?

    PAYMENTS 2018 unites thousands of payments system stakeholders from business end-user and financial and technology services organizations to debate and explore pressing issues and opportunities. At this year’s event is the executive series presentation on ‘Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do’ by Go-Live Faster’ CEO, Krishna Iyer. Here are the session details: […]

    April 18, 2018
  • Traditional defect severity and priority is dead! Long live “Go-Live” impact!

    All implementations and releases will Go-Live with defects! That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? For decades software product firms have graded defects / bugs / issues in their applications by severity levels defined by levels of impact to the software product. Just Google defect severity and one finds a multitude of explanations, definitions and meanings. One […]

    November 17, 2016
  • The landmines that are waiting to happen in your next payments implementation

    Today, it’s all about faster payments! Customers are demanding near real-time payments and banks – especially in the United States – are struggling to keep up. Non-bank third-party processors find themselves in a situation where they do not have the onus of regulation or the risk that a bank needs to manage. Add a brand […]

    September 12, 2016
  • Top PMO Risks that may Derail your Treasury Management System Implementation

    When it comes to implementing a new treasury management system, banks can be like deer caught in the headlights. There are several unknowns that come into play: Which technology should be used? Will the system align with business priorities? Will the system be implemented within the defined timeline and costs? Will it be able to […]

    August 8, 2016
  • Same Day ACH: What You Need To Know

    On September 23, 2015, the Federal Reserve approved NACHA’s Same Day ACH solution. The move will help businesses and consumers move money faster through same day settlement for practically any ACH payment. For several years, the industry has been interested in improving ACH settlement and processing. A similar such same day proposal by NACHA was […]

    August 1, 2016
  • Risks Faced in Transaction Banking Implementations

    Banks have never been under more pressure than now to release more features faster on their transaction banking systems. Faced with competition from peers and all forms of third party processors, the pressure on fee income is being felt across banks. Build vs. buy…to customize or not to…outsource, co-source or in-source…quality vs. stability; this list can go on. The bottom-line is that these are turbulent times for the technology initiatives of most banks.

    July 1, 2016
  • Best Practices for Treasury Management Implementations: Product Teams

    When a bank opts for a new treasury management system, managing and executing its implementation is no mean feat. It is a career defining activity for a treasury professional. The right treasury management system has to be selected. The system has to be customized to be in tune with a bank’s processes and existing technology applications. The system needs to be validated within the bank to ensure that it functions correctly.

    July 1, 2016

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