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Go-Live Faster Introduces ZenCX, the Next Generation of Commercial Banking Client Conversion Support Services

November 22, 2021

Go-Live Faster is introducing ZenCX, a suite of next generation, technology based commercial banking conversion solutions that enables banks and credit unions to optimize their clients’ transformation experience by maximizing client satisfaction, retention, and future propensity to buy financial services.

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The Digital Onboarding Challenge for Banks today

September 6, 2021

In the new "normal", banks and financial services companies are looking to adopt a refreshed approach towards customer interactions that emphasize the digital rather than the physical.

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Top 6 Challenges Legacy Systems Pose to Digital Transformation in Banks

August 10, 2021

“By 2030, 80 percent of heritage financial services firms will go out of business, become commoditized or exist only formally but not competing effectively”, predicts Gartner.

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Is your Financial Institution ready for Data Migration? Take our quiz to find out!

October 28, 2020

Technology may run on software, but software needs fuel. That fuel is data. And unless properly configured for a specific application, technology won’t run very well.

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Digital Account Opening: Top 5 Implementation Challenges Banks face

October 16, 2020

The current global scenario has limited Banks in their capabilities to physically onboard the clients. Since the New-Normal, why has a Digital Account Opening solution begun to rule the Banking world?

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How an Integrated Payment System can transform Accounts Payable to help banks and customers

August 14, 2020
Name, Go-Live Faster

‍Terra-forming the payment landscape within accounts payable to keep pace with the recent accelerated technological developments in the financial industry hasn’t been easy.

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The Future of Banking - Successfully navigating towards the world beyond the pandemic

June 24, 2020

"Multiple financial and operational challenges await in the months ahead. Navigating towards success in a post-pandemic world requires banks to explore at least three routes.

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Top PMO Risks that may Derail your Treasury Management System Implementation

May 12, 2020

When it comes to implementing a new treasury management system, banks can be like deer caught in the headlights.

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Our Response to COVID-19: Message from the CEO

April 7, 2020

Message from our CEO and Co-Founder – Mukesh Mulchandani I realize that you have received many notes relating to COVID-19 and given the seriousness of the situation I am aware of the importance of keeping you informed regarding the current Go-Live Faster status. You are all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has been declared a

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Data Migration Validation in Banking: Tips & Best Practices to Get it Right

November 23, 2019

According to Gartner, 80% of data migration projects fail to meet expectations, running over time and budget. Why do so many data migration projects end in failure?

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Predicting Banking Implementation Failure with the Duke

May 7, 2019

We all remember John Wayne, fondly referred as the ‘Duke’, as a quintessential hard working, well intentioned cowboy, who seemed to overcome impossible odds through dogged determination and hard work in his movies. But given today’s dynamic and volatile banking technology environment would the same “cowboy ways” work? Banking tech teams, vendors and in-house personnel

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Tips & Best Practices : Creating a Winning Customer Experience in Banking

December 19, 2018

Customer Experience in Banking today highlights the dramatic ways in which banks are adapting to meet the requirements of the digital age.

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Faster Implementations for Faster Payments: What Can Executives Do?

April 18, 2018

PAYMENTS 2018 unites thousands of payments system stakeholders from business end-user and financial and technology services organizations to debate and explore pressing issues and opportunities.

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Traditional defect severity and priority is dead! Long live “Go-Live” impact!

November 17, 2016

All implementations and releases will Go-Live with defects! That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? For decades software product firms have graded defects/bugs/issues in their applications.

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The landmines that are waiting to happen in your next payments implementation

September 12, 2016

Today, it’s all about faster payments! Customers are demanding near real-time payments and banks – especially in the United States – are struggling to keep up. Non-bank third-party processors find themselves in a situation.

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Same Day ACH: What You Need To Know

August 1, 2016

On September 23, 2015, the Federal Reserve approved NACHA’s Same Day ACH solution. The move will help businesses and consumers move money faster through same day settlement for practically any ACH payment.

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Best Practices for Treasury Management Implementations: Product Teams

July 1, 2016

When a bank opts for a new treasury management system, managing and executing its implementation is no mean feat. It is a career defining activity for a treasury professional. The right treasury management system has to be selected.

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Risks Faced in Transaction Banking Implementations

July 1, 2016

Banks have never been under more pressure than now to release more features faster on their transaction banking systems.

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