Corporate and business customers are more demanding than ever before, and new expectations are driving banks to reevaluate their strategies, identify areas for differentiation, and often replace outdated technology solutions. The tendency with executives is to make a decision to buy and hand over the initiative to a program team to drive to conclusion. However, the interdependencies, complex integrations and intense pressure to deliver projects on aggressive timelines at minimum cost require prior experience and expertise.

Over the past 8 years, Go-Live Faster has accumulated more than 3 million hours of commercial banking application transformation experience, invested in R&D to create proprietary accelerators and collated thousands of data points on commercial banking initiatives.

The Go-Live Faster difference is how we bring together these three core parts of our DNA, i.e, our Proprietary Accelerators, Actionable Insights and Experts to right engineer programs.

Go-Live Proprietary Accelerators

From the onset of your Commercial Banking projects, Go-Live Faster brings in its Go-Live Proprietary Accelerators (GPA) which include program planning, readiness assessments, and project planning templates, and help banks build a more holistic plan. During the implementation phase Go-Live Faster has the ability to deploy other GPAs which include proprietary manual/automated test accelerators and automated migration validation accelerators to fast-track the entire implementation/release lifecycle.

Go-Live Actionable Insights

Equipped with more than 2.5 million hours of Commercial Banking implementations and tens of thousands of data points, Go-Live Faster’s proprietary algorithms deliver actionable insights that help banks predict failures, enable early defect detection, and quantify Go-Live readiness across bank processes, applications, and clients.

Go-Live  Experts

We work only with banks in North America. By virtue of this, our entire workforce comprises of experts either in your business areas, specific Commercial Banking applications or specific activity areas. Our teams understand your business at a micro granular level allowing us to engineer processes to meet your specific needs.

Go-Live Faster Customer Conversion Services

Leveraging best practices and advanced technologies built on, ZenCX delivers proven, industry leading on-demand client service for digital banking onboarding and conversion. ZenCX provides ongoing support for technology solutions to ensure a superior on-line and mobile banking client transition experience helping to create a competitive advantage for a financial institution.

Working with Go-Live Faster is seamless. We are hyper focused on banking in North America with a relentless focus on Commercial Banking. We help business, IT and project management teams align to deliver joint success!

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